Digital marketing is a phenomenon that just emerged a decade ago but it has picked pace at a rapid speed. Every day there is a new trend to follow, a new tactic bandwagon to jump onto for the sake of getting more and more customer on your side. Every New Year brings with it the […]

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Nearly 4 billion people in the world use one or more form(s) of social media. That racks up 49% of the world’s total population. It is social media’s ability to reach a wide range of potential customers that has allowed several brands, and individuals to set up their profiles. Not only do your get to […]

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Being able to understand and meet your target audience’s needs can significantly increase the traffic to your site, and also its conversion rate overall.  Being the site owner it is on you to help the potential get to know about your site, and allow them to access it in an efficient manner. Once major way […]

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SEO helps businesses get their websites to the top of the search results within search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  You want to make sure that your business appears at the top of the search pile when someone looks for a product or service that you are specializing in.  This will allow you to […]

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