In Clear Weather we can see the limestone Cliffs of Dover. One of the most asked questions is “How Much a ferry from Dover to Calais will Cost?”. Answer to this question is Around £180. We have compared a lot of ferries and came up with this value. If you look at the geography of these both countries, they are the best spots to arrive by ferry.

Portsmouth International ferry port is the hub if you are arriving from the Isle of wight, Spain or France. England is divided in nine regions with the Population of over 53 Million, England is believed to be the Hub for tourism. 

London is the Most populated area in the entire UK. If we look at the population of London it is over 13 Million. London is also a great attraction for tourists.

According to Wikipedia the travel and tourism sector in the United Kingdom contributes over GBP 66.3 Billion GDP (Gross Domestic Product’). Economists are expecting this figure to go over GBP 84.6 Billion By the end of 2027.

Dover Port is the world’s busiest UK ferry crossings Port. According to the data 16 Million Passengers go through this port annually. Calais and Dunkirk, these both are the most ideal routes when you want to connect with prime land.  

Guide to UK ferry Routes

As an island England and the United Kingdom is considered as a hub for ferries. The United Kingdom has one of the busiest ferry ports in the world. For those who are looking to travel across the Northern and Irish sea we have gathered the perfect guide for you.These are the most common UK ferry routes. 

Dover Calais ferry

How long is the dover to calais ferry crossing?

It takes almost 90 Minutes to travel from Dover to Calais. It is approximately 27 nautical miles. On an average ferries sails 30 times daily. Calais population is around 75,000 it is situated just near the french coast. The English Channel is at the narrowest there. It is 34Km Across to England.

 In Clear Weather we can see the limestone Cliffs of Dover. One of the most asked questions is “How Much a ferry from Dover to Calais will Cost?”. Answer to this question is Around £180.

We have compared a lot of ferries and came up with this value. This is an average value. Some Ferries will cost more some will cost less this depends upon the luxury and comfort of the ferry.

Ferry to Ireland

France to Ireland

France has been one of the most popular spots for tourists. Tourism in France is on absolute limits On an Average a ferry takes around twenty hours to travel to Ireland from France.

Most ferries sail 3 times in a week from France to Ireland. This route is one of the busiest ferry crossings to Ireland. 

Wales to Ireland

Wales is famous for his beautiful hills and mountains. Tourists find Wales quite astonishing.

On average, a ferry takes around 2Hr and 15 Min to reach Wales to Ireland. You can find a ferry in Fishguard port in Wales and your end point will be Rosslare Port.

Scotland to Ireland

Scotland is famous for his remarkable castle and gigantic walls. On average, a ferry takes around 2 hours from Cairnryan Port Scotland to Larne Harbour Port.

Isle of Man to Ireland

Isle of man is a small island. A ferry takes around 2 Hr 55 Min From Douglas Port to Heysham Port.

England to Ireland

England is famous for its customs.A ferry takes around 8 Hours to sail from Liverpool to Dublin.

Ferry to Santander

The Portsmouth to Santander ferry route connects England with Spain. Santander is famous for its beautiful beaches. Currently, there is 1 ferry company operating this service, Brittany Ferries this is also one of the most popular Spanish routes. The crossing operates up to 2 times each week with sailing durations from around 23 hours 30 minutes.

Ferry to Amsterdam

There is only One UK ferry company which operates on the Amsterdam Port and Newcastle DFDS Seaways. The DFDs Ferry takes around 16 Hours and 45 minutes to sail between these ports. Dfds gives you flexibility you can either travel as a foot or with your car. The DFDS Ferry currently sails 7 times a week to Amsterdam.

Leading Ferries company in UK

DFDs ferry

Dfds UK ferry is the leading UK ferry company. The company operated on multiple european routes in Europe to the UK. The history of the company is pretty ancient. The History Begins in 1866 When Carl Frederik Tietgen Merged 4 Danish steamship companies. DFDS have exponentially grown in the business of logistics and shipping. Do You want Dfds discount code ? click here

DFDs Onboarding Safety

Before you hop on the ferry make sure you check out the onboarding guide. This guide contains all the key points and the measures DFDS have taken to ensure your safety.

  • Respect social distancing: the cOVID-19 has caused enough destruction. It is time we take serious measures to revive the freedom of tourism. DFDS has adjusted the number of people allowed in the ferry and have taken strict measures to curb the spread of covid. Read full details here.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants: All food web be served by the crew members. Self service is not allowed. Crew will collect all the glasses and trays. Trays will be sanitized after use. Tables will be sanitized daily. Seating area is designed as per the Covid sops. 
  • Entertainment: Casino tables are closed but the gambling machines are still operational. The gambling machines will be sanitized daily. Kids’ soft play areas are closed because kids are most vulnerable.

 Dfds Ferry Routes

dfds ferry routes
sourced from dfds

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