Digital marketing is a phenomenon that just emerged a decade ago but it has picked pace at a rapid speed.

Every day there is a new trend to follow, a new tactic bandwagon to jump onto for the sake of getting more and more customer on your side.

Every New Year brings with it the question “what digital marketing trend will be next?”

Recently, there has been a growing bias towards livestreaming videos. It has expanded to every sector of the business world and in fact individuals are being hired, solely in some cases, for the sake of doing live streams to promote the business’ products and services.

In 2021, livestreaming has become a pretty typical method for businesses to connect with their customers directly.

In fact it was reported that livestreaming took up 75 percent of the internet’s traffic in 2017.

Live Streaming actually started off as a niche platform but then got quickly picked up by social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube.

It allows the influencer to not only talk about what they want to, but address the viewers and listeners right then and there.

live streaming trend

The impact of live streaming

Before social media accounts came to be, the one way businesses could connect with their customers was through traditional ads. However, when blogs became a thing there would be a lot of businesses

that would get bloggers, who are well connected with their readers, to advertise their products. Then came social media, and it just went on from there. Now the once inevitable thing is happening where business is able to well connect with their customers, and directly too.

They can now choose a person to be the face of the company who does livestreams and tries out the business’ products in front of the viewers.

Here are some reasons why so many companies are preferring to do livestreams, and you should too:

live streaming stats

Better return on investment

Since livestream is more interactive in nature as compared to traditional videos, it draws in more viewers. According to Facebook’s analysis live videos tend to get viewed three times longer in duration as compared to a standard video.

Also, you don’t have to invest as much in livestreams as compared to traditional videos. You can talk at random on livestream without having to create content, or hire an editing team.

You just need to hit the live button and then stream. This means you are getting more views on such a low investment.

Building relationships

As we have talked about before, one of the biggest benefit of live streaming being able to build closer relationships with customers.

Now that your brand has a face and a voice, it is not some intangible unit, your brand has become something to relate even more to.

This allows the customers to become far more loyal to the brand, especially if your livestream employee is witty, and brings a lot of personality to the streams.

You can address questions live, and even answer problems which will make you come off as a brand that really wants to help their customers.

Builds trust

The extra engagement that we have talked about above will make your company look legitimate.

That will help build trust with the customers since now that you have interacted with them directly there is a feeling of community, and all your work from here on out would be more authentic and high quality.

A lot of businesses even take the customers for a behind the scenes tour, to allow them to see for themselves how the products are made and who the people working on their purchases are.

In today’s world, it has become incredibly important that the businesses engage with their customers and build interpersonal relationships.

The more human your brand seems to them the greater the engagement, and the better the loyalty. 

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